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Fun Fair

Веселі майданчики

Everyone remembers hearing as a child about how easy it is to break one stick, and how hard it is to break a whole bundle. Members of Salvation Church had a chance to see a demonstration of this when they held a Fun Fair for children from Podol and Levada on the grounds of the Christian Ministry Center at the end of August. We were really convinced that it's easier to work together, aware that you are not alone and you can always rely on a your coworkers.


The evening program was the most interesting: sports, fun contests, Christian songs, fun and flexible lessons on the basic concepts of Christianity, and even dancing to Turkish music. The children enjoyed the Awana team games. They listened to the spiritual lessons and discussed them. They learned new songs and energetic motions to go with them. Even though there weren't terribly many children at the event, still a way was opened to their hearts and we had a chance to get acquainted with each child. We saw once again how open these young souls are to a simple message and how much they are in need of someone who will just spend time with them, talking with them about what concerns them and telling them about the One who will never let them down or leave them.

So, for 3 days the Fun Fair taught not only the children, but also the adult workers from Salvation Church to work in a team, to enjoy every moment and to glorify God.

Lyudmila Rubtsova

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