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Salvation Church Youth Ministry is open to energetic, self-starting, happy, goal-oriented youth, who are ready to put a lot of effort in expanding the kingdom of God on earth. Even if you don't fit the criteria, we still invite you to join our youth group, and afterwards you will not recognize yourself. 

It's not easy to stay idle in our youth ministry. God has blessed us with the opportunity to show our best skills in the care and service of our neighbors. 

One of the main priorities of the youth ministry of the Salvation church is reaching young unbelievers, to deliver the truth about Jesus to those who are lost and need help. To fulfill this goal, God blessed us with the opportunity to organize a youth club SMS . This project involves a large number of talented young people who care about the future of our country and with commited hearts do everything so the next generation will have moral values, decent level of culture and above all the recognition of the existence of God and His rule in their own lives. With this purpose,the youth meetings are held in the Center of Christian Ministries every month. And in a creative atmosphere with entertaining program the truth about God , human soul, sin and salvation are revealed. With the help of SMS club English club and Sports ministries work as well, where everybody has an opportunity to develop his/her sporting potential and deepen knowledge of English. 

All students, that attend SMS club, are invited to sms(ky) (small Bible Study groups). At the moments there are only five of them. But in the future we hope to increase their number to reach more young people. At these meetings, young people are met with warm atmosphere, friendly communication, new acquaintances, and most importantly - an opportunity to study the Bible together. At SMS club each young person can find answers to his/her questions, find new friends and just have a good time. These groups are useful for anyone who wants to grow in the Lord and bear much fruit. 

Current immorality in our society is most vividly reflected in the lives of modern youth. Lack of experience, rebellious attitudes, maximalism, a desire to follow the modern fashion and reliance on the views of the most every day, put young people in mortal danger. AIDS, alcoholism, addictions - these, in most cases, hit youth. To combat the negative manifestations of youth culture in modern society we visit schools of Poltava  with lectures that reveal the possible catastrophic consequences of uncontrolled and immoral life. We hope that understanding the truth about the other side of pleasures and permissiveness will stop demoralization of our nation and save many young lives. 

We need your help in implementation of these projects, and open to new suggestions that will help us to influence the younger generation of our country not by eloquent slogans, but through love and good deeds. 

In addition to serving unbelievers we also take part in our church's activities. 

Every month the youth of  Salvation church takes part in the ministry, where through singing, sermons, skits, we praise the greatness of our Lord and Savior. In addition, each group (sms-ka) several times a year prepares a witness statement of its ministry to the church. 

Not left outside of our attention members (sick and elderly people) of "Salvation" church who cannot attend Sunday worships. Once a month we organize a visit to these people. It is a wonderful blessing not only for them but for us as well. Sometimes we are so surprised at a great joy of God in the hearts of those to whom we come. As youth, we follow the examples of courage, patience and gratitude of our elderly brothers and sisters, who manage to keep the faith and love to the Lord in their hearts throughout the years. 

Salvation Church is a church with many young people and they are also actively involved in children's ministry, in worship and many other church activities. 

We hope that our young years will not pass in vain, but will be the beginning of mature blessed lives in the Lord. We want to do as much for His glory as we can and not waste our time on aimless existence. May God bless us in further work on his field!             

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