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Home Ministries Sunday school

Sunday School Church "Salvation"
It is impossible to overestimate the importance and necessity of children's ministry.
Known fact that 85% of a person's character is laid up to 5 years, outlook and cultural values are formed during adolescence. Therefore, adults have a responsibility in any environment, children grow, from an early age.
Sunday school teacher trying to organize an atmosphere of love and respect for the personality of each child. The purpose of the lessons, to give children the opportunity to learn about God and know Jesus as their personal Savior.
We are waiting for children from 2 to 16 years every Sunday at 13.00.

Group Sunday School:

- Supervision (in of project)
Children: from 0 to 2 years
Teacher: Ira Shemyakin, Sofia Turcan.
Specially equipped room allows mothers to attend divine service, thanks to the window overlooking the hall. At the same time being a lesson for the kids with games, songs and biblical truth in every game.
As of project-an additional enrichment programs "in the hands of mothers, advice for parents on the full development of the child.

- 1 st junior group
Children: from 2 to 5 years
Teacher: Anya Khudyakov, Olya Rubtsov
Helpers: Kate Malyarenko, Nastia Shemyakin

each lesson, songs, games, Bible story, Micrologus rifmovok, verses from the Bible, creative work with paints, plasticine, paper and other materials.

- 2 nd junior group
children: from 6 to 8 years
Teacher: Luda Sivkevich, Anya Antoniuk
Assistants: Roma Choi, Anya Shtrykul

program is the history of life, helping children to understand biblical truth, reading Bible stories, set time for games and pesen.Na each lesson children can make crafts on the lesson.

- 1-I mean group
Children: from 7 to 9 years
Teacher: Vika Korotich, Anna Kostenko
Helpers: Inna Kirichenko, Vita Trischova, Igor

each lesson, children read the Bible, teach the scriptures by heart, in the form of a game apart the life situations, learning how to behave. And, of course, games and songs, and crafts.

- 2-I mean a group
children: from 9 up to 12 years
Teacher: Marina Malyarenko, Oksana Krivobok

Assistants: Olya Grigorieva, Marina Bobyrev

Classes take place because disskusii. Reading the Bible and Micrologus verses from the Bible, as well as the application of biblical truths in everyday life gives the children an idea of Christian principles. Games, songs and crafts make the lesson more fun.

- The senior group
children: from 13 years to 16 years
Teacher: Ira Varyanitsa, Alan Kushnir
Assistants: Nagorno Kostya Kostya Zaika, Oleg Bondarenko

through discussion and debate, during which each is given the opportunity to express their opinion, disclosed Biblical principles and their application in life. Through fun activities, in the form of riddles, puzzles and research, the lesson is very interesting and exciting.

Teenage ministry:
We strive to make everyone who comes to us teenager found new friends, immersed in an atmosphere of love and understanding.
You're a teenager (you from 13do 16 years)
 you have many questions
you want to be taken so what you are,
you feel lonely,
you pretend to be sick to be like everyone else?
Come to our meetings, you uvidesh that with God you are never to be alone! You'll find new friends!

- Group Home for Girls (held once a week).
Answers to vital questions of girls we are looking for in Scripture. In the home environment, over a cup of tea, we are talking about the unseen. In addition, you will learn to sew, cook, take care of themselves and rukodelnichat.

- Group Home for boys. (Held once a week)
In boys, their most troubling issues and communicate with the older kids in the home environment will help to sort out their feelings, share their thoughts and concerns. And also do different kinds of skills that can help with housekeeping.

- Bible study groups.
And the boys, and devchenki, everyone who wants to study the Scriptures, to deepen and understand the truth of God, are invited to meetings on Saturdays. In the fascinating discussions with experienced teachers, all together, we study the Bible-wise from the book.

- Brain-ring.
The game-competition for knowledge of the Bible.
Desire HS team to the Bible became a favorite book of every teenager.
The boys competed in the knowledge of the places of the Bible. Their diligence in studying the Scriptures, savvy and ability to work as a team helped the big winners. This team got rolling prize "Wise Owl" and waiting to convey his best.

- Activities in nature.
Every summer, together with the guys we go to nature, where doing sports games, swimming and a lot of communicating a brand new friendship. Often we see how the guys just in these circumstances to get to know their Creator and decide to make friends with Jesus.
 Boys are looking forward to these meetings a year.

- Quest game for the hometown.
Impressions, pleasant communication, a lot of friends in a band wants to get a teenager.
To unite a group of teenagers that all the new guys were able to express themselves, teachers, Sunday school was held a team game, the quest for his native town.
Purpose of the game, using the hints in the Bible, focusing on the surrounding of the city, otgodat all the puzzles and reach the final paragraph, where all waiting for refreshments at the cafe, communication and discussion of the game.

One of the important components of the Christian life, the glorification of the Heavenly Father and that we teach children.
We are delighted that the children Sunday school are actively involved in praise.
Regent of our church, loving God with all your heart and music, sister Valya Khudyakova teaches children not only the right to sing, but to worship God with all your heart.
The older group (13-15 years) regularly participate in Sunday worship, active in evangelism programs.
Classes are held every Sunday.
In the autumn of this year, classes began with the youngest group (3-9 years). Participating in worship, these kids their open, full of love for Jesus, the heart, encourages adults praise the Lord with sincerity and simplicity, as children.
- Fair.
For several years in our church efforts of teachers and children's Sunday School is held pre-Christmas fair. Its purpose-to encourage people to serve and sacrifice of children in raising funds for Christmas gifts.

Evangelical programs:
We are very good and pleasant to communicate with each other in a large and happy family. But we do not forget about the Great Commission of Jesus to go and serve other children.
Visiting the schools of the city, communicating with parents and teachers, we see how children need the love of Jesus.

Each year, Sunday school at Christmas and Easter mornings, where children are invited from the neighboring church buildings and schools.
-C interesniyshimi programs, our team will visit children with disabilities in hospitals and nursing.
-to involve children in Sunday school held a drawing contest "This is a wonderful Christmas" by the city schools. The purpose of this project is to tell the children what the meaning of Christmas.

Sunday School and parents.
Realizing vazhnostst upbringing of children in the family (no school will not replace the child to communicate with parents), the team tries to closely communicate with their families. Visiting children at home, the teacher to understand the needs of their children.
Conducted parent meetings.
Planned semenarov on the spiritual education of children in families.

Team Sunday School
Responsible for children's ministry-Golüke Vladimir
Acting derektora HS-Khudyakova Anya
Trainer on training programs, Varyanitsa Ira
Responsible for visual aids, Shtrykul Anya, Krivobok Oksana

Mus. Service-Khudyakova Valya
Theater postonovki-Khudyakova Anya, Kushnir Alena
Sports part-Choi Roma
Group Leader: Rubtsov Olya Sivkevich Luda, Korotich Wick, Maljarenko Marina, Varyanitsa Il.

-Teacher Meetings.
The teacher ceases to be a teacher, when it ceases to learn myself. HS Team meets regularly to edification in the Word of God and the teaching methods of teaching.

Semenary conducted to improve the skills of teachers and training assistants.
Our team is young, full intuziazma, enterprising guys. We love to serve, together with children and relax and have fun. Always happy to join our friendly team of all who feel the urge to serve children.

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