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Home Church The vision of the church

Credo of the Church : “Live so that the world is changing!”

Five core prices of serving the church:


1.  Worship
1. Each member of the church is intended in word and deed to bring glory to God in every place. (Col. 3:17).
2. The Church regularly gets together for joint worship, which occurs through the Word, prayer, worship, fellowship (Psal. 95:6, Heb. 10:35).
3. The Worship of the church is testimony to the world about our membership in the Body of Christ ( Heb. 12:22-23).

2. 2. Fellowship
1. Each member of the "Salvation" church seeks to develop spiritual relationships with other brothers and sisters. (1 John 1:7).
2. We are considering membership in the Church as a conscious choice every believer to take their neighbors, without which it is impossible to spiritual growth and ministry. (Rom. 15:7).
3. We are view community (Koinonia) church as a necessary condition of spiritual unity of those who are in "Jesus Christ". (Ephes. 2:13).

1. Each member of the church is called to the continued growth and spiritual change. (Ephes. 4:13-15).
2. Member of the church is an active member of a small group, where he serves others, and others serve him ( 1 Pet. 4:10).
3. The Biblical discipleship ensures the proper development of Christian. ( 1 Tim 2:2).

4. Serve
1. The member of the "Salvation" church is called to active service dedicated to others according to their gifts. ( Rom 12:11).
2. We are considering ministry as an opportunity to every word and deed a positive influence for change in church and society. ( Mat. 5:6, Ephes. 2:10).
3. Christian is responsible for his service to God. ( Mat. 25:26, John 15:2).

5. Evangelism
We are regard the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as the main task for the Church of “Salvation”. (Mat 28:19-20).
2. All the ministry of the church have the same ultimate goal - to reach people in the world.
3. We take spiritual responsibility for the city of Poltava, so that more people have heard the gospel and took a personal decision to follow the Lord.

Priorities of the ministry of the church in 2011-2014
Leadership: Reproducing the leadership at all levels of service. ( 1 Tim. 2:2).
Servant of the servant grows.
Membership: Spiritual Growth and dedication in serving the small group. (Ephes. 4:11-16).
Each member of the church is - the minister in Poltava.
Evangelism: Doing "Great Commission" through the ministry of neighbor. (Mat. 28:19-20).

The strategy of serving the Church of “Salvation” 2011 – 2014:
1.Multiplication of ministry through small groups (from 11 teams to 22 teams).
2.Preparing the leaders of small groups (from 9 to 25 leaders of leaders).
3. The growing number of church members (from 150 to 300).

Plans for church on 2013:
1. Monthly themed sermon.
2. Development of ministry in small groups.
3. The regular meetings of leaders of small groups and other ministries, analysis and reporting of the ministry.
4. Preparation pastor.
5. Conducting classes of spiritual maturity.
"Focus on Family".
What do you do in God's house?" (The biblical order in the local church).
"The missionary among his own" (Evangelism in the modern conditions).
Church and Society.

Statistics Church “Salvation” 2013
Baptized in 2012 – 10 peoples 
There are at 01.01.2013 – 183 members of church.

The structure of the church: the Council of ministers (ordained ministers and leaders of groups of 13 people.)
1.Define the main directions of the spiritual ministry of the church.
2. Responsible for training church.
3. Responsible for work dushopopechitel among church members.
4. Responsible for the ministry of small groups.
5. Responsible for the ministry of small groups.

The structure of the Church: Church Council (26 peoples).
1. Approve the annual plan service projects of the church.
2. Approve the annual budget of the church.
3. Negotiates and coordinates all church programs.
4. Solves the important problem questions of the church (Counseling, disciplining).

The main ministry of the church:
1. Children's ministry (Sunday School, OED, detail. clubs, camp ministry).
2. Prison ministry.
3. Medical service.
4. Music ministry.
5. Youth ministry, "SMS – Club.
6. Social Service (Centre for pregnant women, the ministry of HIV infected)
7. Family Ministry.
8. Nursing service.
9. Sports ministry.
10. Commercial service.
11. Financial service.

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