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"Well have no need of a physician, but patients." (Luke 5:31)

Despite their simplicity, these words contain very deep meaning. No wonder Jesus Christ spoke of being on earth. If we remember and analyze the life of our Lord, he understood that it was one of his motto. According to this principle Jesus walked on a visit to people who truly have needs ... needed, both in physical and spiritual improvement. And they found him in the Lord. For Christ walked thousands of people. Let's ask yourself: "Why are not they going after the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes. After all, these people also talked about God, about how to live on moral qualities. The answer is very simple: they only spoke the truth. And our Lord Jesus Christ not only spoke about it, but confirmed the truth of things. He said people love and mercy, showed it to all those who need practical action. When he saw that he was hungry and sick, it is not celebrated it with the words: "May God help you ...», as often happens in us, and filled his needs. And our task - to bring, if possible ray of God's love and mercy to every man needs, regardless of where we live today, and where God will lead tomorrow.

Health ministry seeks to provide charitable medical care to various populations. Often God allows physical illness to draw the attention of its spiritual weakness. We often meet such people, if God is already working in their lives, as Scripture urges health professionals to care not only about the physical needs of man and God to use these opportunities to serve the spiritual life of patients.
Therefore, the medical office and holding evangelistic medical clinics, aimed at providing spiritual and physical aid to people.
A few words on the medicine cabinet:
1. Evangelistic Medical Clinic, which provides service to our population of Poltava (m Mr. Levada), as well as towns and villages in the Poltava region, is essentially a very efficient measures which God gives to conduct physical and spiritual health of people.
For more than 10 years a medical evangelistic ministry in our church. Believers doctors and medical workers from the United States and Ukraine together 1-2 times a year in such clinics to help people and Blohovestiya in various towns and villages in Poltava Oblast. All nots can undergo a medical examination and get free drugs for treatment, but most importantly - sowing the Word of God in the hearts of people who come to the appointment. To those people who are not able to come, doctors come from medical care and the Gospel at home.
2. Serving the medical office:
- Implementation of doctor appointments
- Classic massage
- Massage on the massage bed Serahem Master
- Serving the spiritual needs of human

No other areas in which work is not progressing as successfully as in medical and missionary. Medical missionary service to humanity is the good news of liberation from suffering and ailments. This is the very first gospel work. This is the gospel in action, compassion, Christ is presented to the world. The need for such work and a huge open world to accept it "

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