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Missionary ministry of the Salvation church 

Responsible Andrey Khudiakov 

Evangelical Church "Salvation" exists to ensure that every person living in Poltava and outside Poltava, has an opportunity to hear the Gospel, to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and become His disciple. This is our missionary calling. To achieve this goal we are trying to use any opportunities to make the Gospel of salvation as accessible as possible to those whose souls have not been saved yet. We believe that God constantly works around us, especially in the hearts of the lost. That is why we try to note this and join the missionary movement of the Holy Spirit in the following areas of service: 

1. Prison Outreach. 
The purpose of the prison ministry is the preaching of the Gospel in prisons and the creation of prayer rooms in the jails, Poltava region, where the prisoners-believers would be able to assemble for Bible study, common prayer and worship the Lord. 

2. The sports ministry (UPWARD) 
No one would argue that one of the most effective methods of reaching the youth today is sports. Using football coaching, we try to get closer to the new young people and show them by our own example how God can teach us how to accept and forgive the enemy, not to envy, to enjoy other people's success and to trust God even in those moments when you do not have enough physical strength to cross the finish line. 

3. Children's Evangelism  (AWANA, children's evangelism activities) 

Children are our future. We are interested in the fact that the future of our country will be healthy not only physically but especially spiritually. Sharing the Good News with children of unbelievers-families, we give them an opportunity from an early age to learn about the Lord and accept Him as their personal Savior. We believe that is we reach children by the Gospel we will open the way for God's actions in the hearts of their parents and friends! 

4. English Club 
Learning a foreign language has always attracted the attention of those who got used to thinking over what they say. The club accepts everyone who wants to enhance his/her English, as well as those who have zero knowledge of English! The main purpose of club is, of course, the introduction of biblical truths and personality of the Lord Jesus to young people! We use English translation of Holy Scripture, different stories and films in English to reach this goal. 

5. Medical service 
Health ministry is directed to provide free medical care into various segments of the population. Often, God allows physical illness to draw people's attention to their spiritual infirmity. The medical office work and charitable medical clinics organization are conducted to meet physical needs and help to solve the problems of the soul. 

6. Helpline 
Virtually everyone knows the state when you want to cry but you have no tears, when the soul aches, but no one is there tolisten to you, when you have a problem which is so embarrassing to open it even to the closest person. The service of the hotline gives people, who are in critical situations, an opportunity to have a frank conversation on the phone with a counselor. 

7. Crisis Pregnancy Center 
What could be more precious than life? Rhetorical question! But the answers could vary. For example, the career, the opinion of friends or relatives, fear of the future, self-doubt, the reluctance of additional responsibilities and, ultimately, the most common selfishness (the desire to live for yourself) could be more precious than life for someone. These all become the reasons or justification for the legal murder - abortion! The Service of the Center is to help women who face such a dilemma, to learn about the inevitable consequences of abortion and change their minds in favor of preserving a child's life!

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