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  • Church of Salvation

    Welcome to the website of the Christian "Salvation" church!
    "Salvation" is a gospel church in Poltava which professes Christian values and unites people who want to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Our motto: "live such a life that the world could be changed".
    Address: Poltava city, Prospekt Mira 24.
    If you are a poltavite or a guest of our city we will be happy to see you at our worship services on Sunday at 13:30

  • Ministry of the church

    A servant is one who does the will of another. Jesus Christ said that He came to serve and to do the will of the Father. Jn. 6:38, Matt. 20:28
    We, as followers of our Lord and Teacher try to execute his will in those ministries and projects that are represented in our church.

    We'll be happy if you will join us in the ministry to expand the kingdom of God on earth.

  • Mission of the church

    Evangelical "Salvation" church exists to ensure that every person living in Poltava and abroad, had the opportunity to hear the Gospel, to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and become His disciple. By this we mean our missionary vocation. To achieve this goal we are trying to use every opportunity to make the gospel of salvation as accessible to those whose soul is not saved. We believe that God always works around us, laboring over the hearts of dying. Therefore, we try to see it, and join the missionary movement of the Holy Spirit.

  • Home groups

    As the first church, in addition to general service on Sundays, we practice communion of the church in small "home" groups. (Acts 2:46).
    You also can choose a small group of your age or one that is very close to your place of residence.

    Sweet tea and close communication will help you to grow spiritually and to feel God's love and care. Learn more here.

  • Проповіді

    So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)
    З часу створення церкви, проповідь - це один із засобів Божих, через який Він відкриває Свою волю.
    Бог через проповідь Слова навчає і освячує свою церкву. (Ів.17:17)

    Ви також маєте можливість прослухати, або скачати недільну проповідь тут.

Summary prepared for the 26 Congress VSO ECB "be zealous and repent", author: V. Antonuk
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 13:22

In his letters to churches Minor Asiya repeatedly find persuasive appeal to the churches of Christ: "Repent!" (Rpm 2:5, 2:16, 3:3, 3:19). It says "Amen, the faithful and true.

Missionary serving with Frank Taka in May 2010 (Russia, Ukraine)
Sunday, 30 May 2010 16:21

Ministry in Russia took place from 12 to 16 May in the Kursk region in one of the district centers Sudzha. At this point, is serving on the organization of the new church missionary Andrew Kononov. Today, Russia is very difficult to hold public events on evangelism, so the ministry is no longer the level of personal acquaintances. At this time we visited 13 families. Some of them were large, and some are very poor. A list of the addresses of these families were obtained in the local administration to provide food aid and, under this pretext, preaching the Gospel to them.

Some of these families were gypsies. In each of these families, we spent two to three hours, explaining to them the gospel and the Lord's plan of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Nine of the total prayed a prayer of repentance.

Elected new leadership WCC EHB
Saturday, 29 May 2010 09:08

On this day Congress delegates welcomed:

EHB Chairman of the Union in Belarus - Victor Krutko Nykodymovych that based on Psalm 89 says, "We must pray to the Lord for the youth. He keeps generations. ", And based on Dan.1: 8," Time awakening. We also live during waking, so appreciate what you have. Be soft and harder for people to myself " Director of "Bible Mission" in Germany - Paul Hahelhans. He said, "Parts of awakening - the word of God Spirit of God, man of God. Work of God will always move forward, even when closed all missions. " Yuri Reshetnikov E. - Chairman of State Committee of Ukraine on Nationalities and Religions, welcoming the brothers and sisters said, "The state is trying to improve relations with the Church that each person has freedom of religion."

Performance of Pinocchio
Saturday, 20 March 2010 18:24

On Saturday 3/20/2010 at the church held evangelistic ministry for kids and their parents. On which the participation of children and youth ministry presented a performance of "Pinocchio" was opened where the basic principles of God. By audience feedback show itself was rather high level of truth and clear.

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