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Elected new leadership WCC EHB
Saturday, 29 May 2010 09:08

On this day Congress delegates welcomed:

EHB Chairman of the Union in Belarus - Victor Krutko Nykodymovych that based on Psalm 89 says, "We must pray to the Lord for the youth. He keeps generations. ", And based on Dan.1: 8," Time awakening. We also live during waking, so appreciate what you have. Be soft and harder for people to myself " Director of "Bible Mission" in Germany - Paul Hahelhans. He said, "Parts of awakening - the word of God Spirit of God, man of God. Work of God will always move forward, even when closed all missions. " Yuri Reshetnikov E. - Chairman of State Committee of Ukraine on Nationalities and Religions, welcoming the brothers and sisters said, "The state is trying to improve relations with the Church that each person has freedom of religion."

Anatoliy Kalyuzhny - Chairman Independent Churches, welcomed the words, "We are traditional in theology, but in a modern and progressive forms. Testimonials: "We need to influence society. Awakening begins from the leaders ... "
After the general singing - "The Earth Valley", abstract heard on Congress "be zealous and repent!" Rev.3: 19 Antoniuk prepared Valery Stepanovich. "For the church the necessary changes. Respecting the past required, but it can not cover all problems. We need timely and powerful response to the problem. We need to: review the relationship with God, relationships between ministers, relations with the world, be prepared for variable conditions. Salt has osolyaty. Light should illuminate. The change will come as a response to our sincerity and repentance.
Congress also welcomed: Nikolai Porublov, Australia, director TCP - Chmut Alexander, President of Christian mission "Light of the East" - Vladimir Davydyuk; Melnychuk, Alexei Ivanovich, Deputy Chairman of Union of Russia - Peter V. Mickiewicz, Vitaly Korchevskyy - President Eastern Association USA, and many others. SF Nazarkevych, read a greeting letter from those who could not come to the meeting.
In the music program during the day attended a youth group in Cherkasy region. pp. Buzivka; Stella Kapitanyuk from Canada; trio of brothers from Transcarpathia, Valeriy Shcherbina.

In the afternoon plenary session began on the issue of electing executives of VSO ECB. Vladimir Shemchyshyn committed prayer asking God to indicate his will. Nicholas E. Kasprov, Chairman Nominating Committee, announced the results of proposals for candidates. Since large areas of the churches listed 28 proposals for the post of Union. Of these, 23 - "for" V. Nesteruk and 7 - "for" VS Antonyuk. Also proposed are 3 more candidates, but which withdrew their candidates from voting. As of May 28, 2010, remained one candidate, a day before passing the credentials - V. Nesteruk. Moderator, VP Shemchyshyn, invited delegates to speak on this issue. 24 ministers made their comments and suggestions, which consisted of a request to list of candidates for President of VSO ECB, VS Antonyuk. Ambiguity performances captured the spirit and mind of each audience. Vladimir Shemchyshyn, with wisdom, prompted brothers and sisters remain in peace and love listening to God's guidance. After the speeches given word VS Antonyuku who asked to understand that the achievements or failures of the Union depends not on the leadership, but from zeal or negligence of each minister. V. Nesteruk thanked for frank comments and thanks, and supported the idea of bringing the Union to guide the younger brothers.

Started the approval of election procedures. It was decided by secret ballot to specify one of two candidates - or Nesteruk V. V. S. Antoniuk, then zvershylas prayer. After counting the votes that were accompanied by singing and instrumental compositions have the following results: Nesteruk VV won 288 votes, Antoniuk VS 253 came to vote.
Shemchyshyn VP, noted that the ECB was elected Chairman of the Union at least two-thirds. Valery S. Antoniuk asked for the microphone and asked the delegates to support the Vyacheslav Nesteruk to serve the President of the Brotherhood. After these words all but 2-3 delegates raised the mandate of voting for the election of V. Nesteruk then Shemchyshyn Vladimir, announced the newly elected Chairman of the WCC ECB - Vyacheslav Nesteruk.
Vyacheslav after appointment to the service of President VSO ECB held the election of Vice Chairman and Audit Committee. The results will: And Deputy Chairman VSO ECB - VS Antoniuk, Deputy II - N. Kasprov III and Vice - IO Bandura. At the ministry of regional deputies elected brothers: Oleynik, Kravchenko, Romaniuk, Andrashko, Kornuta, Shemchyshyna.

After the election, asked for guidance GI Commandant, who wished the newly established team: "... prepare saints vdoskonalyuytes, carry one another's burdens, sympathize with each other, hear each other, pray together !...». VV Nesteruk and GI Superintendent accomplished in prayer asking God's blessing, wisdom and driving by the Holy Spirit.
Rules Committee Chairman Romaniuk made ads on the rules changes of the constitution and indicated some changes.

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