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Finding My Dream

На зустріч з мрією

"Finding My Dream" was the name of the children's festival that took place on August 20 at the community hall in Zavorsklo.
What do children dream of? Of course, each of them dreams of something different, but there is one thing they have in common: they want to do something interesting and fun. Salvation Church, with help from the children's play center "Funny Bunny", put on a wonderful program with games, competitions, a dramatization from the Bible, songs and prizes. Nearly 40 children and 10 adults came to this unforgettable event.


One small dream of the children of Zavorsklo was fulfilled that day: they had a great time! And they probably haven't even guessed that something greater than our present desires is in store for us in the future: meeting Jesus Christ Himself face-to-face.

To know God, to come closer to Him, is an opportunity that every child and adult of this village has, by coming to the worship service or Sunday School every Sunday at 10 o'clock. Everyone who is reading this article can support the development of a new local church. You can support it through prayer or by attending in person. More information is available by calling 0958743035 or 0985587454. - Irina.

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