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Campers' Reunion

Папайці знову разом

Evangelistic children's ministry is not limited just to a fun week at summer camp. The children's ministry team took a break after camp, but now they are back to the challenging task of sharing the Gospel with children. This time the event was on the last Saturday in August, just before the long-awaited (or maybe long-dreaded) start of school on September 1.


We planned a grand picnic, but due to inclement weather the meeting had to be confined to the interior of the Christian Ministry Center. Praise God, the campers remembered their friends, leaders and the fun time at camp, and most of them came to the reunion (note that the vast majority of them are from non-believing families).

The reunion day began with the campers' favorite songs and continued with recalling the happy time living in the tents, and then we talked about the changes in the lives of the children since they returned from camp (absolutely necessary!) Leader Vova Zemlyanoy shared his testimony and then there was a hunt for prizes (CDs with camp photos), and finally - a delicious pizza (another must have!)

I almost forgot to mention the trampoline! After the end of the official program everyone got to experience weightlessness on the trampoline: children, adults and the older adults ... Everyone loved the trampoline!

All photos of the event are available here

Папайці знову разом

Папайці знову разом

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