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Home News Children Are Ready to Celebrate Christmas the Whole Year!
Children Are Ready to Celebrate Christmas the Whole Year!

Children  are ready to celebrate Christmas the whole year!


True, the Christmas celebration lasts only for a day, and many children are waiting for the festivities. We held our most recent Christmas program in a boarding school in the village of Varvarivka. February is almost here, but we will still fulfill our pre-Christmas promise to hold a celebration. Children always remember those who promise to bring gifts, and eagerly await the fulfillment.

Only three days after our last meeting Victor called, and on behalf of all the children at the school inquired about the time of our next visit: "Uncle Vova how are you? Are you well? Will you bring the gifts soon?"  "After the holidays Viktor. Be patient, and say hello to all the kids."  "Well, God be with you!" he said.  After the holidays we had another similar conversation, ending with the familiar wish: "May God be with you!"

How nice to hear that blessed wish from the children with whom we have conducted Bible classes for five years now. The Lord could not help but hear it, and He will truly be with us. God tested not only our own faith and patience but that of the children, as well. According to the calendar it was late, but in his time he sent gifts for the children, which we gladly distributed to them on February 3. That was the true Christmas for these children. We explained to the boys and girls and their teachers who are also present for the activities, that it's not a holiday one day, but throughout our lives. We watched as 75 pairs of happy children's eyes shone with delight at the contents of the boxes of gifts, provided by the Christian charitable organization "Samaritan's Purse".

This meeting was the completion of the Christmas event. But how did it all begin?

After the call from the boarding school and our visit, we conducted a few other Christmas events. The blessing from Viktor accompanied us throughout our Christmas events. God was with us, and He enabled us to share the message of the birth of the Savior with many children and adults who had not heard it before. 

The first event was for children with disabilities, who were brought to the Ltava television company by their parents and guardians. The celebration was also attended by government representatives, businessmen and philanthropists, - who are not indifferent to the material prosperity of these children. There were a lot of songs, many games, a puppet show, but most importantly the presentation of the Gospel and of the Savior born to us. But the enemy of our souls was not happy. "We don’t want to preach about Jesus Christ!" - exclaimed one of the women from the organizing team - "The children don’t understand it anyway".

What a misconception! Children's hearts accept the Gospel like no one else. Children especially understand the story of little Jesus being born. We had a chance to see this during events for children at boarding school № 1 and № 12 and in schools in the villages of Gora, Trostyanets, Machyhu, Kalashnikov and Lower Mlina. Also during the holidays, we held "Good News" classes in a sanatorium for children who have musculoskeletal diseases, in a TB recovery center and in the "Lovage" orphanage. Almost everywhere adults attended as well: doctors, teachers, tutors, babysitters, as well as technicians and parents. After the meetings in some of the schools, we received a request for further involvement. Thank God for that! The most remarkable impression we received was from the  lively interest and active participation of the children in reflecting on the meaning of Christmas for all mankind. And praise to our Lord, that at the end of each session in response to our enthusiastic exclamation of "Christ is Born!", the children responded with an enthusiastic: "We Praise Him!". Let us pray that the children and adults who heard the Gospel will come to know God and that he will be glorified by their lives.

I thank God for all of you who prayed, who donated finances,
 and who personally took part in the Christmas events.
Sincerely, Vladimir Goliuk .

Children  are ready to celebrate Christmas the whole year!

Children  are ready to celebrate Christmas the whole year!  

радости нет границ!  

Children  are ready to celebrate Christmas the whole year!  

Children  are ready to celebrate Christmas the whole year!  

Children  are ready to celebrate Christmas the whole year!

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