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Home News Teen Camp "Crimea 2010"
Teen Camp "Crimea 2010"

підлітковий табір Крим

   Here and left behind a long-awaited camp for teenagers in the Crimea, Poltava, which was held from 11 to 20 July. In memory of girls and 40 boys will remain pleasure Crimean landscapes and a wonderful and gentle sea, which this time seemed warm and relatively calm. Some children saw the sea for the first time they had held a special tsaremoniya and the right to dive in the first wave of velvet. Children particularly impressed and the team received two very nice hikes through the mountains and cliffs in the New World. Looking at the grandeur and beauty of God's creation, in particular sounded verses from the Book of Psalms. In the mountains held a brief prayer service and accomplished worship and thanksgiving to the Creator.

  The action also at the camp without difficulties and trials. It seemed as if the difficulties which would have occurred in the camps for all 10 years, gathered together and came to our camp. There were diseases (associated with acclimatization), and heat from which could only zhovatysya at sea, and problems with water, which for the camp each day should have about 1 ton, with spiders and mosquitoes, with winds and rains, and all enjoyed the beach, swimming in front of them that so many children and violates their peace. But the biggest test was in a relationship with the authorities. We had the great honor to meet all the authorities: from forestry, state farm, komunhozom, head of the village, Sanitary. Check-out the day before we wanted to meet with representatives of the prosecution, but because we zamorylysya of those visits that had to tactfully reject the proposal and give everything in the hands of God who miraculously kept it under control and a protection for us.

  I would like also to thank God even for this camp, which has not been easy, but blessed. It held us through all difficulties and tests showed his greatness and wisdom, love and parental care. God answered our prayers with you and send everything you need for camp. Children and the team every day in this vpevnyuvalysya not just passing through difficulties, but also through important spiritual themes, which changed every day. Remarkable was that in teaching different subjects participated in the Crimean Church ministers and senior elders in Poltava Oblast Oleg Liberman. Special thanks to the team that prepared long before the consecrated host and gave many spiritual and physical forces in its implementation.
  Praise God for them and pray for restoration of their forces. And we, dear brothers and sisters, thank God for your prayer .

Camp Director Vladimir Holyuk

101 photos of the camp  Here

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